How to Grout Household Tiles

How to Grout Household Tiles
Grout eventually will erode, get chipped and could be damaged by mould or damp. The grout wearing down not only makes your wall or floor look worn, it is also a warning sign for your tiling. Ensure that your tiling remains in good condition by regrouting it.
Choosing Coloured Grout
Perhaps your grout is looking worn and shabby or maybe you want a new colour that will go better with the tiling – you can choose from a surprising number of colours when it comes to grout. Whatever your reasoning, this guide will make it easy for you to regrout your tiles with as little stress as possible.
What you will need: Obviously grout! Dust mask, safety goggles and knee pads. Dust sheet and latex gloves. Mixing bucket and of course a trowel. Grout rake/automatic grout remover, grout float and sealer.
How To Remove Old Grout
Firstly, put on your protective gear and lay down your dust sheet if you are dealing with a tiled wall. This is messy work that kicks up a lot of dust and debris, so you need to make sure you are suitably protected. The dust sheet will make cleaning up afterwards far easier. Knee pads are a lifesaver when it comes to DIY.
Use the grout rake to scrape away the old grout. Get right in there and scrape in the direction that the teeth of the rake point, and only in that direction. It is advisable to have spare rake blades handy, because they will wear out after a bit and the more blunt, they are, the longer the work will take.
How To Apply New Grout
Clean everything up to ensure that there is no dust or old grout in between the tiles. Mix the grout in the bucket, using the trowel to stir the mixture. Normal rule of thumb is to make the mixture a bit thicker than smooth peanut butter. Pour a generous amount onto your grout float ready for application to the tiles.
Use your float to apply the grout in between the tiles. Push the grout across the tiles in a diagonal directional to effectively get it into the gaps. Use the rubber side of the float to press the grout into the gaps and give it an even finish Wipe away any mess or excess grout from the surfaces of your tiles with a damp sponge as you go before it can dry.
Wait for the grout to dry (for however as long as the manufacturer advises). Give the whole tiling area a wipe with a sponge and cold water to get rid of dust and debris. Make sure the sponge is regularly cleaned to ensure you are not just pushing grout around on the surface of the tiling. Polish the surface with a cloth polish to give it that extra shine.
The Best Tiles Shops
After the grout has been there for a week, you can seal it to protect it further from damp and mould and make your handiwork last even longer. That is the final stage – your tiles have now been regrouted, leaving your wall or floor looking newer in great condition.
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